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Flames of War

*Please note that items sell or arrive before the website is updated, so please contact us for availability.
Description 1 Description 2
BFM AC007 P-47 Thunderbolt Flight
BFM AT001 Artillery Template
BFM AT002 Range Finder
BFM AT101 Base Magnet Starter Set
BFM AT104 Small Base Magnets
BFM BB104 Battlefield in a Box - Defenses
BFM BBX08 British Armoured Troop
BFM BBX11 British Rifle Company
BFM BBX12 Cromwell Armoured Platoon
BFM BR009 Stuart V
BFM BR210 Universal Carrier (x3)
BFM BR940 Desert Rats Decals
BFM BR941 Commonwealth Decals
BFM BR942 British Decals
BFM BR945 British and Commonwealth Decals
BFM FW001 Flames of War Rule Book, 2nd Ed
BFM FW104 Fortress Europe
BFM FW106 Eastern Front Mid
bfm fw107 Earth & Steel
BFM FW108 Turning Tide
BFM FW211 Mid War Monsters
BFM FW215 A Bridge Too Far
BFM FW217 Stalin's Europe
BFM FW218 Das Book
BFM FWBX01 Open Fire Box
BFM GBX09 Panzergrenadier Platoon
BFM GBX10 Panzer IV H Platoon
BFM GBX11 8.8 cm Flak 36 Battery
BFM GBX14 Tank Aces-Konigstiger, Porsche & Hensel Variants
BFM GBX16 Tank Aces - Tiger 1E Wittmann
BFM GBX17 Panzergrenadier Command (Small Box)
BFM GBX19 Panther A Platoon
BFM GBX21 Ernst Barkmann
BFM GBX23 7.5cm PaK 40 Platoon
BFM GBX25 Stug G Platoon
BFM GBX34 Fallschirmjagerkompanie
BFM GE046 Panzer IVH
BFM GE123 StuG III G (Stug G)
BFM GE126 StuG IV, Assault Gun Platoon
BFM GE163 Flakpanzer 38(t)
BFM GE940 Stalingrad Decals
BFM GE954 SS Decals
BFM GE955 Heer Panzer Decals
BFM SBX01 T-34 obr 1942 / OT-34 Platoon
BFM SBX02 Udarny Strelkovy Battalion
BFM SBX06 T-34/85 obr1943 Platoon
BFM SBX08 IS-2 Gaurds Heavy Tank Company
BFM SBX10 152 mm Heavy Artillery Battalion
BFM SBX11 76mm Artillery Battalion
BFM SP03 US Armour (mid/late)
BFM SU053 T-34 obr 1942
BFM SU055 T34/85 obr 1943
BFM SU540 37mm obr 1939 gun
BFM SU700 Battalion HQ
BFM SU702 Strelkovy Platoon
BFM SU703 SMG Platoon
BFM SU734 Machine-gun Company
BFM SU880 Noble Sniper VG Zeytsev
BFM SU944 Soviet Decals
BFM TD012 Generic American Game Set
BFM TD012A Generic American Game Set Add-on
BFM TD013 Wehrmacht Dice and Token Set
BFM TD014 Generic Soviet Gaming Set
BFM TD025 Generic British Gaming Set
BFM TD026 Fallschirmjager Tin
BFM UBX01 Armored Rifle Platoon
BFM UBX02 Sherman M4A1 Platoon
BFM UBX03 US Infantry Company
BFM UBX05 M4A1 (76) Platoon
BFM UBX07 US 105mm Battery
BFM UBX14 M10 Tank Destoyer Section
BFM UBX18 Parachute Rifle Company
BFM UBX21 M5A1 Stuart Platoon
BFM US005 M5A1 Stuart
BFM US042 M4A1 Sherman
BFM US052 M4A3 (105) Sherman
BFM US143 M7 Priest HMC
BFM US160 M13 MGMC (twin .50 cal)
BFM US161 T28E1 CGMC (37mm)
BFM US200 M2 Half-track
BFM US202 M4 81mm MMC
BFM US301 M8 Greyhound
BFM US411 Jeep
BFM US707 Armored Recon Platoon
BFM US710 Weapons Platoon
BFM US731 Armored Rifle Platoon HQ
BFM US732 Rifle Platoon (Late)
BFM US941 American Decals
BFM USO180 0.50 Cal & 0.30 Cal AA MG
BFM WI279 Wargames Illustrated #279
BFM WI280 Wargames Illustrated # 280
BFM XX325 Soviet 122/152mm Artillery Base (A)
BFM XX326 Soviet 122/152mm Artillery Base (B)
BFM XX327 Soviet 122/152mm Artillery Base (C)
BFM XX328 Soviet 122/152mm Artillery Base (D)
BFM XX329 Soviet 122/152mm Artillery Staff Team Base
BFM XX330 Soviet 76mm Artillery Base (A)
BFM XX331 Soviet 76mm Artillery Base (B)
BFM XX332 Soviet 76mm Artillery Base (C)
BFM XX333 Soviet 76mm Artillery Base (D)
BFM XX334 Soviet 76mm Artillery Staff Team Base
BFM XX515 Fuel Dump
BFM XX516 Ammo Dump
BFM XX519 British HQ
BFM XX520 Italian HQ
BFM XX521 Soviet HQ
BFM XX601 Smoke and Flames
DGM POCG001A 15mm German Tiger IE Gray (5)
DGM POCU001C 15mm Sherman (5)
FW104 Fortress Europe
FW209 Hammer & Sickle
FW218 Das Book
FWBX01 Open Fire Box
GBX19 Panther A Platoon
GE018 Panzer II L
GE071 Tiger I E
GE123 StuG III G
GE168 SdKfz 7/1
TD021 3. SS-Panzerdivision Totenkopf
US941 American Decals
USO187 Seated Americans
XX101 Mixed Bases
XX702 Tank Traps
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*Please note that items sell or arrive before the website is updated, so please contact us for availability.
PIP21001 Cygnar Battle Grp boxset
PIP22001 Protectorate Battle Grp Boxset
PIP23001 Cryx Battle Grp Boxset
PIP24001 Khador Battle Grp Bxset
PIP31001 Warcaster Capt Haley
PIP31002 Mechanik & Goblin Bodger
PIP31003 CG Goblin Bodgers (2)
PIP31004 Ironclad Heavy Warjack
PIP31005 Cygnar Charger
PIP31006 Cygnar Lancer
PIP31007 Cygnar Defender
PIP31008 Cygnar Sentinal
PIP31010 Cygnar Long Gunners
PIP31013 Warcaster Allister Caine
PIP31014 CG Trenchers Unit Box Set (6)
PIP31015 CG Trenchers (2)
PIP31016 Journeyman Warcaster
PIP31017 Gun Mages Unit Box Set
PIP31018 Cygnar Long Gunners Unit
PIP31019 Storm Blade Unit Box Set
PIP31020 Coleman Stryker
PIP31021 Warcaster Cdr. Adept Nemo
PIP31022 Cygnar Stormclad Heavy Jack
PIP31023 Storm Blade Unit Attachment
PIP31024 Stormsmiths (3)
PIP31025 Cygnar Centurion Heavy Warjack
PIP31026 Trencher Chain Gun Crew
PIP31027 Cygnar Hunter Light Warjack
PIP31028 Cygnar Gun Mage Capt Adept Nem
PIP31029 Sword Knight Unit Box
PIP31031 Cygnar Captain Darius
PIP31032 Cygnar Mjr 'Seige' Brisbane
PIP31033 Major Victoria Haley
PIP31034 Cygnar Epic Lord Stryker
PIP31035 Thunderhead Heavy Warjack
PIP31037 Stormguard Unit Box
PIP31038 Stormguard
PIP31039 Hammersmith Heavy Warjack
PIP31040 Cygnar Captain Maxwell Finn
PIP31041 Epic Caster Capt Allister Cain
PIP31042 Storm Lances Unit Box
PIP31043 Storm Lance
PIP31044 Grenadier Light Warjack
PIP31045 CG Long Gunner Unit Attachment
PIP31046 CG Rangers (6)
PIP31047 Cygnar Trencher Officer & Shar
PIP31048 Trencher Grenade Porter SW Att
PIP31049 CG Journeymen Warcaster Altern
PIP31051 CG Epic Warcaster Sebastian Nemo
PIP31052 Captain Jeremiah Kra
PIP31053 CG Ol' Rowdy Heavy Warjack
PIP31054 Thorn Character Light Warjack
PIP31055 MJR Katherine Laddermore
PIP31056 Captain Arlen Strangewayes
PIP31057 Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team
PIP31058 Trencher Cannon Crew
PIP31059 CG Sward Knight Officer Unit Area
PIP31060 Squire Warcaster Attachment
PIP31061 Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer
PIP31062 Cygnar Heavy Warjack Plastic Kit
PIP31063 Cygnar Battlegroup Box Set (Plastic)
PIP31064 WM CG Trencher Commandos
PIP31065 Lieutenant Allister Caine 2009
PIP31066 Trencher Commando Scattergunner
PIP31067 Trencher Master Gunner
PIP31068 Kara Sloan
PIP31069 Stormblade Storm Gunner
PIP31070 Firefly Light Warjack
PIP31071 2010 Nemo
PIP31072 Stormsmith Storm Tower
PIP31073 Cygnar Trencher Infantry Unit Box
PIP31079 Jonas Murdoch
PIP31083 Triumph Scourge of Heresy Warjack Upgrade Kit
PIP32001 Protectorate Warcastor Scrutat
PIP32002 Crusader Heavy Warjack
PIP32004 Menoth Revenger
PIP32005 Menoth War Priest & Acolyte
PIP32006 Menoth Choir Acolytes
PIP32007 Protectorate Vanquisher
PIP32008 Protectorate Redeemer
PIP32010 Temple Flameguards (2)
PIP32012 PT Deliverers (2)
PIP32013 Protectorate Warcaster Reclaim
PIP32014 Menoth Paladin of Order of Wal
PIP32015 Menoth Holy Zealots
PIP32016 Menoth Holly Zealots
PIP32017 Menoth Knights Exemplar Unit
PIP32018 Flameguard Unit Box Set
PIP32019 PT Delivers Unit Box Set (6)
PIP32021 Menoth Warcaster Feora Prieste
PIP32022 Menoth Guardian Heavy Warjack
PIP32023 Menoth Bearwe Unit Attachment
PIP32024 Menoth Wracks
PIP32025 Menoth Reckoner Heavy Warjack
PIP32026 Deliverer Sunburst Crew
PIP32027 Devout Light Warjack
PIP32028 Exemplar Seneschal
PIP32029 PT Flameguard Cleaners Box
PIP32031 Harbinger of Manoth
PIP32032 High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza
PIP32033 Epic Testament of Menoth
PIP32034 Grand Exemplar Kreoss
PIP32035 Avatar Unique Warjack
PIP32036 PT Exemplar Errant Unit Box
PIP32037 PT Exemplar Errant
PIP32038 PT Castigator Heavy Warjack
PIP32039 High Paladin Vilmon Protectorate
PIP32040 Epic Warcaster Feora
PIP32041 Exemplar Vengers Unit Box
PIP32042 Exemplar Venger
PIP32043 Dervish Light Warjack
PIP32045 Covenant of Menoth
PIP32046 PT Daughters o/t Flame
PIP32048 Paladin OTW (ALT)
PIP32049 Epic Severius
PIP32051 WM PT Warcaster Servath Reznik
PIP32052 Fire of Salvation
PIP32053 Blessing of Vengeance Light Warjack
PIP32054 High Exemplar Gravus
PIP32055 Vassal of Menoth
PIP32056 Visgoth Rhoven & Exemplar Bodyguards
PIP32057 Hierpphant Warcaster Attachment
pip32058 Exemplar Bastions (plastic)
PIP32059 Exemplar Cinerators
PIP32060 Allegiant o/t Order o/t Fist
PIP32061 Protectorate Heavy Warjack Plastic Kit
PIP32062 Protectorate Battlegroup Box Set (Plastic)
PIP32063 Vice Scrutator Vindictus
PIP32064 Vassal Mechanik
PIP32065 Feora Priestess o/t Flame 2009
PIP32066 Errant Officer & Standard Bearer
PIP32067 Exemplar Errant Seneschal
PIP32068 Vigilant Light Warjack
PIP32069 High Reclaimer 2010
PIP32079 Protectorate Scourge of Heresy Warjack Upgrade Kit
PIP33001 Khador Warcaster the Butcher
PIP33002 Juggernaut Heavy Warjack
PIP33003 Destroyer Heavy Warjack
PIP33004 Mechanik Chief & Assistant
PIP33005 Mechanik Assistants (2)
PIP33007 Man-O-War Shocktrooper
PIP33008 Khador Marauder
PIP33010 Khador Winter Guard
PIP33013 Khador Warcaster Dark Prince V
PIP33014 Khador Widowmaker Unit Box
PIP33016 Khador Manhunter
PIP33017 Khador Doom Reavers Unit
PIP33018 Khador Iron Fang Pikeman Unit
PIP33019 Winter Guard Unit Box
PIP33020 Khador Man-O-War Unit Box
PIP33022 Khador Warcaster Kommandant Ir
PIP33023 Khador Kodiak Heavy Warjack
PIP33024 Khador Man-O-War Kovnik
PIP33025 Greylords Ternion (3)
PIP33026 Khador Devastator Heavy Warjac
PIP33027 Khador Ironfang Pikeman Unit
PIP33028 Khador Berserkar
PIP33029 Khador Winter Guard Mortar Cre
PIP33032 Khador Karchev the Terrible
PIP33033 Old Witch of Khador
PIP33034 Epic Forward Kommander Sorscha
PIP33035 Vladimir Dark Champion
PIP33036 Khador Behemoth Warjack
PIP33037 Man-O-War Demolition Corps Unit
PIP33038 Man-O-Wan Demolition Corps
PIP33039 Spriggan Heavy Warjack
PIP33041 Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich
PIP33042 Epic Caster Komm Orsus Zoktavi
PIP33043 Iron Fang Uhlan Unit Box
PIP33044 Iron Fang Uhlan
PIP33045 KD Man-O-War Drakhun
PIP33046 KD Kommandos
PIP33048 Winter Guard Officer/Standard
PIP33049 Winter Guard Rocketeer SW Atta
PIP33053 WM KD Epic Warcaster KommandantIrusk
PIP33054 Koldun Kommander Zerkova
PIP33055 Beast 09 Character Heavy Warjack
PIP33056 Drago
PIP33057 Fenris Character Dragoon
PIP33058 Yuri the Axe
PIP33059 Great Bears Gallowswood
PIP33060 KD War Dog Warmaster Attachment
PIP33061 Kovnik Markov Calvery
PIP33062 Koldun Lord Solo
PIP33063 Khador Heavy Warjack Plastic Kit
PIP33064 Khador Battlegroup Box Set (Plastic)
PIP33065 2009 Irusk
PIP33066 WM KD  Warcaster Kommander Strakhov
PIP33068 WM KD Winter Guard Rifle Corps
PIP33069 Assult Kommando Flame Thrower
PIP33070 Greylord Escort
PIP33071 WM KD Widowmaker Marksman
PIP33072 2010 Butcher of Khardov
PIP33078 Valachev
PIP33082 Khador Torch Scourge of Heresy Warjack Upgrade Kit
PIP34001 Cryx Warcasters Iron Lich
PIP34002 Necro-Tech & Scrap Thrall
PIP34003 Cryx Scrap Thrall
PIP34005 Cryx Deathrippers
PIP34006 Cryx Defilers
PIP34007 Cryx Nightwretches Bone Jack
PIP34008 Cryx Reaper
PIP34012 Bile Thralls (2)
PIP34013 Cryx Warcaster Skarre
PIP34014 Skarlock Thrall
PIP34017 Cryx Warcaster, Bane Thrall Un
PIP34018 Bane Thrall Troopers
PIP34019 Mechanithrall Unit Box
PIP34020 Bile Thralls Unit Box
PIP34021 Warwitch Deneghra
PIP34022 Cryx Warcaster Goreshade
PIP34023 Cryx Seether
PIP34024 Cryx Pistol Wraith
PIP34025 Cryx Machine Wraith
PIP34026 Leviathon Heavy Helljack
PIP34028 Cryx Stalker Bonejack
PIP34030 Revenent Crew Unit Box
PIP34032 Cryx Satyxis Raiders Unit Box
PIP34034 Cryx Lich Lord Terminus
PIP34035 Witch Coven of Garlghast
PIP34036 Epic Lich Lord Asphyxious
PIP34037 Wraith Witch Deneghra
PIP34038 Deathjack
PIP34039 CX Harrower Helljack
PIP34040 Cryx: Bane Knights Unit Box
PIP34041 Cryx: Bane Knights
pip34042 Cryx: Bane Lord Tartarus
PIP34043 Epic Caster Skarre
PIP34044 Soulhunters Unit Box
PIP34045 Soulhunter
PIP34049 CX Helldiver Bonejack
PIP34052 Sea Witch Unit Attachment
PIP34053 Pistol Wraith Alternate Version
PIP34054 Epic Gorshade the Cursed
PIP34055 CX Warcaster Mortenebra & Deryliss
PIP34056 Nightmare Character Warjack
PIP34057 CX Cankerworm Heavy Warjack
PIP34058 Darragh Character Dragoon
PIP34059 GN Gerlak Slaughterborn
PIP34060 Withershadow Combine
PIP34063 WM CX Revenant Cannon Crew
PIP34064 Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders Unit
PIP34065 Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders
PIP34066 Cryx Helljack Plastic Kit
PIP34067 Cryx Battlegroup Box Set (Plastic)
PIP34068 2009 Skarre
PIP34069 Lich Lord Venethrax
PIP34070 Ripjaw Bonejacks
PIP34071 Cryx Bane Thrall Officer & Standard Bearer
PIP34072 Satyxis Blood Witches
PIP34073 Satyxis Blood Hag
PIP34076 Iron Lich Asphyxious 2010
PIP34085 Cryx Malice Scourge of Heresy Warjack Upgrade Kit
PIP34102 Bile Thralls (2)
PIP35001 Dawnlord Vyros
PIP35002 Adeptis Rahn
PIP35003 Kaelyssa, Night's Whisperer
PIP35004 Ravyn, Eternal Light
PIP35005 Garryth, Blade of Retribution
PIP35006 Chimera
PIP35007 Heavy Myrmidon
PIP35008 Dawnguard Invictor Unit
PIP35009 Dawnguard Sentinel Unit
PIP35010 Houseguard Halberdiers
PIP35011 Houseguard Rifleman
PIP35012 House Shyeel Battle Mages
PIP35013 Ret House Shyeel Magister Solo
PIP35014 Mage Hunter Strike Force
PIP35015 Mage Hunter Commander
PIP35016 Mage Hunter Assassin
PIP35017 Stormfall Archers
PIP35018 Soulless Escort Weapon Attachment
PIP35019 Retribution Arcanist Solo
PIP35020 Dawnguard Scyir
PIP35021 Ghost Sniper Solo
PIP35022 Retribution: Nayl
PIP35023 Narn, Mage Hunter of Ios
PIP35026 Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen
PIP35027 Dawnguard Invictor Officer & Standard
PIP35028 Dawnguard Sentinel officer
PIP35029 RET: Houseguard Officer
PIP35030 RET: Houseguard Rifleman
PIP35031 Gorgon
PIP35032 Griffon
PIP35033 Mage Hunter Assassin Variant
PIP35043 Retribution Discordia Scourge of Heresy Warjack Upgrade Kit
PIP401 Full Metal Fantasy Character G
PIP41001 Merc Eiryss, Mage Hunter
PIP41002 Merc Magnus The Traitor Box
PIP41003 Merc Boomhowler & Company Box
PIP41005 Merc Herne & Jonne
PIP41006 Reinholdt Gobber Speculator
PIP41008 Talon Merc. Light Warjack
PIP41009 Merc Renegade Light Warjack
PIP41012 Merc Gorten Grundback Batl Grp
PIP41013 Merc Nomad Heavy Warjack
PIP41014 Gorman Di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemi
PIP41015 Merc Rhupert Carvolo Piper
PIP41018 Ashlynn D'elyse
PIP41019 Mule Heavy Warjack
PIP41020 Vanguard Light Warjack
PIP41021 Steelhead Halberdier Unit Box
PIP41022 Steelhead Halberdiers Blister
PIP41025 Ogrun Bokur
PIP41026 Croe's Cutthroat Box
PIP41027 Croe's Cutthroat
PIP41031 Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters
PIP41033 Epic Caster Mangus the Warlord
PIP41034 Kell Bailoch
PIP41035 Warcaster Durgen Madhammer
PIP41036 Grundback Blaster Light Warjac
PIP41038 Warcaster Phinneus Shae
PIP41039 Mariner Heavy Warjack
PIP41040 Buccaneer Light Warjack
PIP41041 Sea Dogs Unit Box
PIP41042 Sea Dogs (2)
PIP41043 Privateer Commodore Cannon & C
PIP41044 Mr. Walls Sea Dogs Unit Attach
PIP41045 First Mate Hawk Solo
PIP41046 Privateer Bosun Grogspar Solo
PIP41047 Doc Killingsworth Solo
PIP41048 Lord Rockbottom Solo
PIP41049 Privateer Rifleman Sea Dogs Sw
PIP41050 Captain Bartolo Montado
PIP41051 Fiona the Black
PIP41052 Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile
PIP41053 Dirty Meg
PIP41054 Bloody Bradigan
PIP41055 Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
PIP41056 Sea Dog Deck Gun Crew
PIP41057 Freebooter Heavy Warjack
PIP41058 Press Gangers Unit Box
PIP41059 Press Gangers (2)
PIP41062 Epic Eiryss
PIP41064 Stannis Brocker Cav Solo
PIP41069 Orin Midwinter
PIP41071 Rhulic Warcaster Gorton Grundback
PIP41073 Drake Macbain
PIP41074 Steelhead Riflemen
PIP41077 Ghordson Avalancher
PIP41078 High Shield Gun Corps Officer & Standard Bearer
PIP41080 Dannon Blyth & Bull Bouty Hunter
PIP41081 Harlan Versh
PIP41082 Ghordson Basher
PIP42001 Cygnar Precursor Knights Unit
PIP42002 Cygnar Precursor Knights AddOn
PIP42003 Protectorate Idrian Skirmisher
PIP42004 Protectorate Idrian Skirmisher
PIP42005 Cryx Slaver/Mind Slave Unit
PIP42006 Cryx Drudge Mind Slave Unit
PIP42007 Khador Kayazy Assassins Unit
PIP42008 Khador Kayazy Assassins Add-On
PIP42009 CG Precursor Knights Standard Bearer
PIP42010 PT Iridian Skirmisher Chieftain
PIP42012 KD Assassin Underboss
PIP50180 Cygnar Storm Research Center
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*Please note that items sell or arrive before the website is updated, so please contact us for availability.
PIP71001 Trollblood Warpack Box Set
PIP71002 Warlock Haorluk Doomshaper
PIP71003 Troll Axer Light Warbeast
PIP71004 Impaler Light Warbeast
PIP71005 Warlock Grissel Bloodsong
PIP71006 Pyre Troll Light Warbeast
PIP71008 Dire Troll Blitzer Heavy Warbeast
PIP71009 Scattergunners - Unit
PIP71010 Scattergunners (2)
PIP71011 Trollkin Champions Unit Box
PIP71014 TB Kriel Warriors
PIP71015 Pyg Bushwhackers Unit Box
PIP71016 TB Pyg Bushwhackers
PIP71017 Krielstone Bearer & Scribe
PIP71018 Krielstone Scribes
PIP71019 Fellcaller
PIP71020 Grim Angus
PIP71021 Borka Kegslayer
PIP71022 Earthborn Dire Troll
PIP71023 Winter Troll Light Warbeast
PIP71024 Troll Bouncer Light Warbeast
PIP71025 Long Riders Cavalry Unit Box (3)
PIP71026 Long Rider
PIP71027 H TB Pyg Burrowers Unit Box
PIP71028 H TB Pyg Burrowers
PIP71029 Stone Scribe Chronicler Solo
PIP71030 H TB Trollkin Thumper Crew
PIP71032 H TB Trollkin Caber Thrower SW Attac
PIP71034 Hoarluk Doomshaper Rage of Dhunia
PIP71035 Calandra Truthsayer
PIP71036 Mulg Troll Unique Heavy Warbeast
PIP71037 H TB Slag Troll Light Warbeast
PIP71038 Horthol, Long Rider Chamipon
PIP71039 H TB TrollKin Hero Solo
PIP71040 Troll Whelps
PIP71041 Stone Scribe Elder
PIP71042 Fennblades
PIP71044 Runeshapers
PIP71045 H TB Captain Gunnbjorn
PIP71047 Swamp Troll
PIP71051 Trollkin Runebearer
PIP71052 Fenblade Officer & Drummer
PIP71054 Trollkin Skinner
PIP72001 H CO Warpack
PIP72002 Warlock Baldur the Stonecleaver
PIP72003 Krueger the Stormwrath
PIP72004 Argus Light Warbeast
PIP72005 Woldwatcher Light Warbeast
PIP72006 Gorax Light Warbeast
PIP72007 Woldwarden Heavy Warbeast
PIP72009 Wolves of Orboros Unit Box
PIP72010 Wolves of Orboros (2)
PIP72012 Tharn Ravager (1)
PIP72013 Tharn Bloodtrackers Unit Box
PIP72014 Tharn Bloodtrackers (2)
PIP72016 Shifting Stones (3)
PIP72019 Morvahna The Autumnblade
PIP72022 Gnarlhorn Satyr Heavy Warbeast
PIP72023 Woldwyrd Light Warbeast
PIP72024 Tharn Wolf Riders Unit Box(3)
PIP72025 Circle Tharn Wolf Rider
PIP72027 Circle Reeves of Orboros
PIP72028 Circle Blackclad Wayfarer
PIP72034 Circle Warlock Moshar
PIP72035 Megalith
PIP72036 Shadowhorn Satyr Heavy Warbeast
PIP72037 Wolf Lord Morraig
PIP72041 Stoneward & Woldstalkers
PIP72043 Cassius Oathkeeper
PIP72044 Warpwolf Stalker
PIP72045 Wold Guardian
PIP72047 Reeves Chieftain & Standard
PIP72048 Nuala the Huntress
pip72049 H CO Druid Wilder
PIP72051 Circle- Stone Keeper
PIP72052 Reeve Hunter
PIP73001 H LE Warpack
PIP73002 Warlock Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight
PIP73003 Vayl Desciple
PIP73005 Harrier Light Warbeasts (2)
PIP73006 Teraph Light Warbeast
PIP73007 Seraph Light Warbeast
PIP73008 H LoE Carnivein Heavy Warbeast
PIP73009 Blighted Archers Unit Box
PIP73010 Blighted Archers (2)
PIP73011 Blighted Swordsmen Unit Box
PIP73012 Blighted Swordsmen (2)
PIP73015 Striders Box Set
PIP73018 Forsaken
PIP73019A Saeryn, Omen of Everblight
PIP73020A Rhyas, Sigil of Everblight
PIP73021 Angelius Heavy Warbeast
PIP73022 Nephilim Soldier Light Warbeast
PIP73023 Raek Light Warbeast
PIP73024 Raptors Unit Box (3)
PIP73025 Legion Raptor Cavalry
PIP73026 Lighted Legionnaires Unit Box
PIP73027 Legion Blighted Legionnairs
PIP73028 Shepherd Solo
PIP73031 Incubi
PIP73034 Warlock Absylonia
PIP73035 H LE Typhon Character Heavy Warbeast
PIP73036 Nephilim Protector
PIP73037 Blighted Nyss Sorceress on Hellion
PIP73039 Strider Deathstalker Solo
PIP73040 Strider Officer & Musician Unit
PIP73041 Warspears
PIP73043 Blighted Swoadsman Abbot & Cham
PIP73045 Scythean
PIP73046 Legion - Ravagore
PIP73048 Grotesque Unit
PIP73053 H LE Spell Martyrs
PIP74001 H SK Warpack
PIP74002 Warlock Archdomina Makeda
PIP74003 Warlock Lord Tyrant Hexeris
PIP74004 Cyclops Savage Light Warbeast
PIP74005 Basalisk Drake Light Warbeast
PIP74006 Basalisk Krea Light Warbeast
PIP74007 Titan Cannoneer Heavy Warbeast
PIP74009 Praetorian 'Swordsmen' Unit Box
PIP74010 Praetorian 'Swordsmen' (2)
PIP74013 Cataphract Cetrati Unit Box
PIP74014 Cetratus (1)
PIP74015 Hordes: Skorne Venators Unit Box
PIP74016 Skorne Venators
PIP74019 Ancestral Guardian
PIP74020 Warlock Tyrant Xerxis
PIP74021 Warlock Supreme Aptimus Zaal & Kovaas
PIP74025 Praetorian Ferox Unit Box (3)
PIP74028 Skorne Immortals
PIP74029 Skorne Agonizer
PIP74030 Hordes: Skorne Venator Catapult Crew
PIP74032 Karax Unit Box
PIP74033 Skorne Karax
PIP74036 Void Seer Mordikaar
PIP74037 Skorne - Molik Karn Cyclops Heavy Warbeast
PIP74039 Hordes: Skorne Tyrant Rhadeim Character Dragoo
PIP74041 Bloodrunner Master Tormentor
PIP74042 Bloodrunners Unit
PIP74043 Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer
PIP74044 Void Spirit Solo
PIP74048 H SK Nihilators
PIP74049 Venator Reiver Reiver Officer & Standard
PIP74050 Hordes: Skorne - Hakaar The Destroyer
PIP74054 Paingiver Task Master
PIP75004 H MN Swamp Gobber Fog Bellows Crew
PIP75005 Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter
PIP75010 Feralgiest Solo
PIP75011 Gudrun The Wanderer Solo
PIP75018 H MN Lesser Warlock Brun Cragback &
PIP75019 MN Wrong Eye & Snapjaw
PIP75020 H MN Lanyssa Ryssyll, Nyss Sorceress
PIP75021 Calaban, Grave Walker
PIP75025 Bull Snapper
PIP75028 Dr. Arkadius
PIP75030 MN Gun Boar
PIP75032 MN Thrullg
PIP81003 Taryn Llaelese Gun Mage
PIP81025 Cygnar City Guard
PIP91001 30mm Bases (12)
PIP91002 40mm Medium Bases (8)
PIP91003 50mm Large Bases (5)
PIP91006 WM KD Color Stat Card Deck
PIP91007 WM CX Color Stat Card Deck
PIP91008 Trollblood Faction Tokens
PIP91009 Circle Orboros Faction Tokens
PIP91010 Legion of Everblight Faction Tokens
PIP91011 Skorne Faction Tokens
PIP91016 Cygnar Faction Card Deck MK II
PIP91017 Menoth Faction Card Deck MK II
PIP91018 Khador Faction Card Deck MK II
PIP91019 Cryx Faction Card Deck MK II
PIP91020 Merc Faction Card Deck MK II
PIP91028 Khador Heavy Warjack Wreck Marker
PIP91033 Warmachine: Souls
PIP91034 WM Template Set
PIP91035 H Template set
PIP91046 Cygnar MKII Deck
PIP91047 Protectorate MKII Deck
PIP91048 Khador MKII Deck
PIP91049 Cryx MKII Deck
PIP91050 Mercenary MKII Deck
PIP91051 CG MK II Token set
PIP91052 PT MK II Token set
PIP91053 KD MK II Token set
PIP91054 CX MK II Token Set
PIP91055 Ret. MK II Token Set
PIP91056 Merc MK II Token Set
PIP91057 Trolls Token Set
PIP91058 Circle Token Set
PIP91059 Legion Token Set
PIP91060 Skorne Token Set
PIP91061 Minions Token Set
PIP91062 TB MK2 Card Deck
PIP91063 Circle MK2 Card Deck
PIP91064 Legion MK2 Card Deck
PIP91065 Skorne MK2 Card Deck
PIP93012 P3 Armor Wash
PIP93047 P3 Trollblood Base
PIP93070 P3 Trollblood Hightlight
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Gaming Supplies

See also Modeling Supplies  
*Please note that items sell or arrive before the website is updated, so please contact us for availability.
PIP93103 P3 Modeling Putty
S2P 1001 Reaper Miniature Case w/ Trays
SBL ATB Armytransport Battalion Case
SBL ATC1 Armytransport 1" Foam Tray
SBL ATC1.5 Armytransport 1.5" Foam Tray
SBL ATC2 Armytransport 2" Foam Tray
SBL ATC2.5 Armytransport 2.5" Foam Tray
SBL ATC3 Armytransport 3" Foam Tray
SBL ATC4 Armytransport 4" Foam Tray
SBL ATCPNT Armytransport Paint Tray
SBLATC Armytransport Case
UPR81145 Top Loaders 3X4 Clear
UPR81158 Top Loaders 3X4 Black
UPR81159 Top Loaders 3X4 Red
UPR81160 Top Loaders 3X4 Blue
UPR81161 Top Loaders 3X4 White
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